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Hello, I'm


Art Therapist and Teacher




"Allow the arts to flow within and find your healing creative powers"


About Me


I’m a dedicated Art Therapist and Teacher who specialises working with children, young people and families. For over 14 years, I have worked privately as well as for charities, community organisations and schools. My therapeutic approach is client led, it is non-directive, psychodynamic in nature and draws on attachment theory. I work alongside people with a wide range of emotional, behavioural or mental health problems, supporting and encouraging them to engage in the arts for their own emotional well-being and to express feelings and experiences


I have completed a BA in Fine Art and MA in Art Therapy and a PGCE in Education. I am Registered with The Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) and a member of the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT)

About Art Therapy


Art Therapy is a technique that incorporates visual and tactile media to help people explore complex feelings, thoughts and experiences.

It is of universal benefit as both verbal and non-verbal communication styles are used in a non-threatening, nurturing and private therapeutic environment.


Art therapy can help individuals to:
Find an outlet for emotions and difficult experiences
Build self-esteem, confidence and self-awareness
Foster, heal and strengthen relationships
Promote self-understanding and compassion
Develop tools to support themselves going forward 

about me


Individual Art Therapy

This includes:
painting, modelling, collage, multimedia, sand, story telling and so much more

Available online and in person

Age 4+

no need of prior art experience 

 process includes:

  1. Pre-therapy assessment and consultation

  2. Initial package of 6 weekly sessions

  3. post-therapy feedback 

Art therapy

Lou is wonderfully patient, creative and kind. Everything you could wish for in a teacher!
 Ellie  Goa


We are so grateful to Lou for helping our son. He really enjoys the art sessions. We have found Lou's suggestions to help him outside of the sessions so helpful. 
 Zoe UK

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-15 at 17.42.46 (3

The art workshops were a lot of fun, inspired by our beautiful surroundings   encouraging the children to collect and use material around them.  Not to be missed!

Tara, India


An extraordinary experience! Lou and her

team made me feel really comfortable making art in a group. It was such a special art retreat.

Charlotte, UK


Art classes

An introduction to different artistic themes, materials and techniques: from painting to sculpture, printing to modelling, mandalas to rangoli, prints to photographs

Classes for 5–16-year-olds 
Group art classes (after-school clubs or an ‘arty party’) 
1-to-1GCSE Art tutoring and support

Available online and in person, get in touch!


Creative English classes

Designed for ESL (English as a second Language) students who are at beginner level. Classes are online and focus on conversational English as well as phonics, improving vocabulary, pronunciation and reading skills. They are 1 to 1 classes helping your child to build confidence through stories, games, art making and having fun whilst improving their language abilities. 

workshops & classes
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